Composting & Recycling

Price Farms Organics is the designated compost facility for Delaware County and is sponsored through the Delaware, Knox, Marion, & Morrow County Solid Waste District. We are an Ohio EPA-certified Class II commercial composting facility, accepting organic materials for composting!

Yard Trimmings

We accept yard trimmings such as grass, branches, leaves, limbs, trees, plant material etc. from the public as well as contractors, businesses & landscape companies. Please tarp or tie down your incoming loads.

Manure & Bedding

We accept animal manure and bedding for composting from small farms to large scale operations. There is a small tip fee applied for manure drop-off.

Personal Food Scraps

In conjunction with the City of Delaware, we are able to accept food scraps for composting from the general public at no charge. Make sure they are free of plastic, glass and other contaminants.

Commercial & Industrial Food Recycling

Looking to recycle food or a food byproduct from a manufacturing facility, business, restaurant, school, or cafeteria? We can help! Contact us for more information.

Sod & Soil

Whether you have a small amount or truck loads of soil you need to get rid of, we can take it! Sod and soil is to be dropped separately from any yard trimmings.

NOT Acceptable

Items we can NOT accept:
- Dimensional Lumber
- Thorn Trees
- Fence Posts
- Railroad Ties
- Plant Containers
- Wire Plant Baskets
- Plastic of any type
- Concrete
- Glass
- Metal of any kind
- Mixed Loads (sod or soil not separated from the yard trimmings)

Yard trimmings from Delaware, Knox, Marion, and Morrow County residents’ homes are accepted for recycling at no charge.  We can accept a maximum of 30 cubic yards annually per residence.  A small tip fee per load applies to landscapers, refuse haulers, businesses, and municipalities.  Please keep yard trimmings cut down to size.  Ideally logs and limbs 24 inches in diameter or less and lengths of 4 feet or less.  Help ensure a clean roadside by securing all incoming loads with a tarp or straps.