Delivery - Frequently Asked Questions

What products are available for delivery?

Delivery is available for ALL bulk products. We can deliver as much or as little as you need for your project.

Do you deliver to my address?

We schedule deliveries all across Central Ohio, including the following counties: Delaware, Franklin, Licking, Union, Marion, Morrow, Knox, and more.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery cost depends on your exact delivery address. Delivery charges are broken down by delivery zone. Price Farms sub-contracts deliveries through local trucking companies with no mark-up on delivery costs!

How much product can you deliver on a single truck?

This depends on what product you are looking at. See below for more details.

Single-axle dump truck capacity:

  • Mulch & Compost | 10 cubic yards max
  • Topsoil | 8 cubic yards max
  • Stone & Sand | 7-ton max
Current Delivery charges by Zone:

  • Zone 1: within a 9-mile radius from our location | $83.50
  • Zone 2: within an 18-mile radius from our location | $129.00
  • Zone 3: up to 28-mile radius from our location | $185.00

If you are looking for a delivery of material more than what can fit on a single-axle truck, please Contact us and we can discuss multi-axle or slinger truck options.  Please note the dump trucks are for bulk deliveries only and cannot also deliver bags.  Call for details regarding bag deliveries.

6-axle Dump Truck Capacity:

  • Soil | 24 cubic yards max
  • Stone | 20 tons max
  • Compost | 25 cubic yards max
  • Mulch | 25 cubic yards max
Slinger Truck Capacity:

  • Soil | 20 cubic yards max
  • Stone | 20 tons max
  • Compost | 20 cubic yards max
  • Mulch | 20 cubic yards max

How much lead time do I need to schedule a delivery?  

On our single-axle trucks, often times we can schedule delivery as soon as the next day. Those trucks run Monday through Saturday year-round. For our larger trucks, please give us a few days heads up to ensure that we can deliver on your requested day. Six-axle and slinger trucks are available week days only and will not go onto residential asphalt or concrete driveways.  Six-axle trucks will remain on the street in that case and drop onto the foot of the drive.

Where is the material dropped once the truck arrives at my property?

Typically, the material is dropped in the driveway. If there is a certain part of the driveway where you would like it dropped, please mark the spot with a tarp or cone.  Otherwise, it will be dropped in a spot most accessible.

Can you drop material somewhere other than the driveway?

The trucks will stay on a hard surface. They can attempt to drop into the yard or flowerbed provided the truck remains on the road or drive.  If you need a delivery to a spot not accessible from a hard surface, feel free to arrange your own trucking.

Can I split a load with a neighbor?

Yes, but please consider that it will not be an exact split. Often times the material comes off the trucks all at once. Shared loads need to be with a neighbor close enough that you don’t mind wheelbarrowing between properties, as one of you will likely have more product than the other.

Can I request for two different products to be delivered in the same load?

Yes, we can load multiple products on the same truck. That being said, it is not possible to ensure that those products stay separate. We deliver using dump trucks, so all the material will be unloaded in the same spot. If you need the products to be separate, we highly recommend setting up separate deliveries.

Can I have both bulk product and bags delivered on the same truck?

No, unfortunately the dump trucks can only haul bulk products

If you are ordering delivery on a six-axle or slinger truck, and need the truck to drive on a residential concrete or asphalt driveway, you will be asked to sign a waiver prior to ordering. The waiver releases Price Farms Organics and the trucking contractor of all liability due to a damaged surface beyond the street curb.