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Price Farms Organics

The Designated Composting Facility for Delaware County and Beyond

Located at the center of the Hodges-Price family farm in Delaware, Ohio, Price Farms Organics is an EPA certified Class II commercial composting facility that has been in operation for 25+ years.

At our core, we are a family first business, operated by three generations of the Price Family. Along with family, our values stem from our faith, our community, and our mission. We are dedicated to creating a sustainable future through environmentally conscious efforts. We are proud to say that our composting and organics recycling practices are at the cutting edge of sustainability within our region.

Being an Ohio EPA Certified Class II composting facility, means that we are permitted to take a wide variety of organic materials for composting including yard trimming, brush, food, manure etc. It is important for us to get these materials out of the landfill. Approximately 30% of all material that goes to a landfill is compostable! We have made it our mission to help with this issue.

Because of our composting efforts, we are able to produce high quality mulches, composts , and soil blends that are excellent for your landscape and garden, provide nutrients to your plants and improve your soil health!